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xWeb CSS has almost 3000 lines and a small and essential JavaScript API


xWeb Framework provides a big set of elements to build better websites or web apps

Icon Font

By default xWeb uses Font-Awesome icons by Dave Gandy: http://fontawesome.io/

Highly Customizable

Customizing xWeb Framework is very easy! You can create a CSS theme file or directly edit the Less source code

Documentation not finished yet!

What is xWeb?

xWeb is a simple CSS/HTML/JS framework that allows you to build better websites or web apps with a simple and modern CSS style.

Who was xWeb written by?

xWeb has been written by @Flavius12_ using Less.js CSS pre-processor and it's maintained by EvolSoft on GitHub

By default xWeb uses Font-Awesome icons by Dave Gandy and it has been compiled on Windows using the fantastic WinLess compiler :)

xWeb is licensed under MIT (License details provided here)

Can I contribute?

Yes, of course. Simply open a Pull Request or use the GitHub Issue Tracker. Please follow the Contribution Guidelines before posting it


  • Fixed alerts on screen
  • Vertical sliders
  • Better Button-Groups and Input-Groups

Known bugs

  • Selects not working on IE < 10
  • Sliders not working correctly on touchscreen devices