Released PharTools v2.0!

Yay, today we released PharTools v2.0!

PharTools is an advanced command line tool written in PHP which allows to manage phar (PHP-Archive) files. It allows to create, extract, convert, edit and view phar archives. It also includes a simple API to implement PharTools features on your own scripts. Lot of new useful features have been added into this new release.

PharTools v2.0

PharTools v2.0 features:

  • Create phar archives
  • Extract phar archives
  • Add, rename, delete, list files inside phar archives
  • Get informations about phar archives (such as filesize, metadata, stub, etc…)
  • Convert zip or tar archives to phar archives
  • Convert phar archives to zip or tar archives
  • Support GZip and BZip2 compression types

If you want you can find the full changelog here.

You can download PharTools from PharTools website or from SourceForge.

PharTools source code is available at: