About Us

The Team

The EvolSoft is a team of programmers founded by @Flavius12 on 2014 and dedicated on developing software and web services. Currently our team is formed by four members.

Our email: [email protected]

Our Projects

Our projects include the development of two operating systems and some software and games. We may also provide some other web services (but we want to leave these services as a surprise)

Our Developers



Age: 16

Programming Languages Known:  Assembly, C, C++, C#, FreeBasic, Java, JavaScript, PHP and VisualBasic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Flavius12_

He is the founder of EvolSoft. He knows lots of programming languages. He has also a bit of experience with HTML and CSS but he hasn’t a lot of fantasy…

His favourite hobby is music. He loves 80s and 90s and if you ask him which is his favourite operating system he probably would reply MS-DOS.

Currently he’s working on an operating system project with Alesun.



Age: 15

Programming Languages Known:  Arduino C, Assembly, C, C++, FreeBasic and VisualBasic

School friend of Flavius12 he is the second founder of EvolSoft. He’s also a lot of experience with programming languages and he has a bit of experience with HTML and CSS. He’s a very Arduino geinus!